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Empowering Women

Submitted pieces can reflect all forms of creative expression and must be original compositions.
Phenomenal Physicians are empowering women that are willing to share their stories of triumph, failures, wins, losses, and everything beyond that has affected their mental health. On this forum, we want everyone to tell their story and be as creative as they can. Art is a form of healing, and when shared, decreases stress and promotes well-being.

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Memorable Mentions

Memorable Mentions will not be included in any other medium unless otherwise authorized.
Memorable Mentions is dedicated to those women that have died by suicide. We want to continue their legacy and share their stories.

If you would like us to share your contact info, for others to show support, please submit a short bio about yourself and include your blog or social media hyperlinks (https://).

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Doctors Under The Radar

As Doctors, our Mental Health is Usually Not Addressed, but stays Under the Radar…

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